Every day and every year we become one day older and one year wiser. Sometimes the process of aging takes a toll on our skin and how we feel on the inside does not match the way we appear on the outside, specifically the skin. When one feels this way, one seeks for a lotion or cream to aid the skin to look more rejuvenated and lifted. Age recovery cream can benefit the skin by lifting the sagging skin, correct sun damage that the skin may have gone through and a key ingredient to look for in the cream is a green tea extract and we will tell you why.

It is basic science that as you get older the skin loses its elasticity and firmness due to decrease collagen production. Due to the loss of elastin and collagen, that leads to our skin looking saggy and wrinkled. Another added factor that can lead to aging skin is exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Ultraviolet radiation is in the sun that we see every day that brightens up our mornings and days. Many enjoy bright sunny days to go walking, hiking, swimming, or just lay in the sun to absorb some vitamin D. So, in our everyday lives we are exposed to ultraviolet radiation whether we step outside to take a deep breath or just go on a casual walk. . Sun damaged skin can be due to a variety of reasons. Of course, over-exposing our skin to the sun can cause potential sun damage to the skin. Sun damage can also occur when sunscreen is not being used for protection. When one does not use sunscreen, it can lead to sagging, or leathery skin. So what does sun damage on the skin look like? It can look like rough patches of skin, they can be red, pink, dark or the same color as your skin and that area of sun damage can itch. Having sun-damaged skin may lead your skin to look saggy as well. But it is never too late to start a recovery process for your sun damaged and sagging skin. Age recovery cream can aid in targeting these problem areas of your skin.


Age recovery cream will benefit in lifting sagging skin, reversing sun damaged skin and by making sure the cream you are using has green tea extract will result in a better recovery for your skin. Green tea extract is a significant ingredient in age recovery cream. Green tea extract is rich in anti-aging due to an antioxidant it contains called EGCG. EGCG is found in teas and have many health benefits along with skin benefits especially for lines, wrinkles, dry or sagging skin. Thus, having green tea extract in an age recovery cream, it slows the signs of aging and helps with relieving inflammation that the skin may have. Some may be thinking that green tea and green tea extract is the same, but although the base is the same: green tea, the extract has more concentrated benefits. Of course, drinking green tea aids in not only skin benefits but also organ and bodily functions as well. Yet, the extract that can be found in age recovery cream has great additional benefits. Green tea extracts contains concentrated compounds of antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins and flavonoids of green tea. These compounds help in preventing wrinkles and increasing cell turnover. As we get older, it takes longer for our skin cells to turnover, which means to renew itself to look more radiant. By having green tea extract in the age recovery cream we choose as you can see will aid in lagging of the skin. Not only does it benefit with lifting sagging skin, it also aids in sun damage as well. Green tea extract also exfoliates and evens out discoloration that the sun damage may have caused on the skin.


When looking for an age recovery cream to help in lifting sagging skin, even out sun damage areas and other skin issues you may have it is important to have green tea extract in the ingredients. With all the added benefits that were discussed, it is never too late to start the process of taking care of your skin and start a recovery process! An age recovery cream is one step in the right direction for lifting sagging skin and aid in reversing the sun damage that the skin has encountered throughout the years. Use Sorme’s age recovery cream to have your skin represent how you feel on the inside: radiant and rejuvenated!