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Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a Custom Closet

If you have never designed a closet, then you are not alone because of remodeling and changing the overall perspective of your bedroom. Remember that closet designing requires professional help, meaning you should find someone who can help you throughout the process.

After checking here, you will learn the importance of designing a custom closet for your specific requirements.

Still, when designing and deciding the best course of action, you should understand the common mistakes people make that can easily create severe issues in the long run. That is why you should implement a design that will provide you peace of mind and help you avoid dumb mistakes that will become apparent when it’s too late to do anything about them.

Investing in a custom walk-in closet is not as affordable as it seems, meaning you should ensure everything looks appealing and functional. As a result, you can avoid the severe frustration of being unable to find the things you need.

The main goal is to spend your money wisely, which is why you should learn the common mistakes household owners make. Therefore, you can prevent the issues from happening and implement strategies that will provide you peace of mind.

1.Dead Space Above Top Shelf

One of the biggest mistakes people make when designing a custom closet is leaving empty and dead space above the top shelf. It is the worst thing you can do because you will lose the area you can use for your belongings. Of course, you can put folded clothes and boxes up there, but instead, we recommend you find another solution.

For instance, when you go beyond twelve inches of materials, it may be challenging to access things above. That is why you should design a twelve-inches top shelf from the ceiling, which will provide you with additional space for a moderate stack of clothing, suitcases, and shoe boxes.

That way, you will increase the amount of storage while reducing the unwanted dead area, especially because you should use every single space.

2.Adjustable System is Necessity

You should know that storage can come from multi-density fiberboard, wood, or any other printed material, you will have a wide array of double-hanging spaces and shelves that will provide you peace of mind. Visit this link: to learn more about closet remodeling.

However, the facts are that you need space to place longer dresses, coats, and other things that will offer you peace of mind. Since people from your family are different in height, they require area depending on their statures. Therefore, you should avoid getting an option you cannot adjust, meaning the long coats will curl at the bottom.

Instead, you should implement a unique combination of clothing while you can combine and change the perspective. The main idea is to determine whether your current attire and of other family members can fit inside the system or not.

In case closet rods are on the same level and you cannot move them, the custom closet will not be ready for longer coats and jackets. The solution is not as complicated as it seems because to solve this issue, you should implement a closet system that supports increment holes and side support rails.

We are talking about tiny holes on the sides that will allow you to adjust drawers, shelves, and rods up and down depending on your preferences and needs.

3.Shelves Should Be Deep Enough

One of the biggest problems people do not notice until it’s too late is the depth of shelves. Making them too shallow will affect the storage capabilities, which is important to remember. The most affordable option is to create twelve-inches shelving because numerous manufacturers are using this standard measurement.

It is a simple solution because manufacturers use a four-foot laminate board or wood and cut it into four equal pieces, meaning you will end up with cheap twelve-inches deep wire shelves that will provide you with a lack of space. Of course, if you have small shoes, you can use this option. However, it is not for large t-shirts, shoes and other things you need packed.

At the same time, if you decide to hang everything inside, you will end up with cluttered and sloppy clothing, which is something you should avoid altogether. Therefore, when you get closets in Vancouver, you should find ones with 14-inches shelving.

It is not challenging to find them, especially when you contact a custom closet company that will make them from scratch. The most common option is twelve inches, but we agreed beforehand that they are not for large t-shirts and belongings.

4.Making Closet Darker Than It Should Be

Another closet mistake is to implement lousy lights, especially if you have a walk-in option. Instead, you should ensure that it has perfect lighting, which will help you use everything with ease.

The most common reasons people avoid lights are because they do not have electrical outlets inside a walk-in closet, and they do not wish to spend money on quality options. Although it may not be practical to have a wide array of windows inside the closet to get daily light, instead, you can implement other options that will provide you peace of mind.

Of course, we are not saying that you should spend a small fortune on a custom lighting system, but you can take advantage of a few things to improve overall functionality and brighten things up.

The most affordable and straightforward solution to your lighting problem is using rechargeable LED lights that have motion activation. They are between fifty and a hundred dollars, and you can place them in dark spots to ensure the best course of action.

We recommend you understand that overhead lights are not as effective as you want, especially because they use too much electricity without giving you the necessary illumination you wanted in the first place. The best way to learn more about making a custom closet is by entering here for additional information.

On the other hand, you can get a rechargeable LED option which is more affordable, and you can charge them the same way as your mobile device. As you can see from everything mentioned above, you should invest in proper lighting, which will allow you to find everything without losing precious time.