Trendy Sweatshirts for Men

Comfortable and on-trend sweatshirts and hoodies are always something good to have around for casual wear. Going out shopping right now is a good time to stock up on some new late winter and early spring trends in menswear sweatshirts and hoodies. The following are a few sweatshirts and hoodies that every trendy guy will be wearing.

Champion Sweatshirts
The brand Champion has become very popular amongst men and women. The brand has an iconic brand symbol, that looks classy emblazoned on any sweatshirt or hoodie. You should consider adding at least one Champion hoodie or sweatshirt to your clothing options because it is both fashionable and exceedingly comfortable. Black or white with the brand on the front will look give you a casually classic look.

Adidas Hoodies
Adidas brand wear with the signature trefoil is another classic and comfortable brand name that looks effortlessly stylish on hoodies and sweatshirts. Get a few of these for your spring wardrobe. Look for navy and white, black and white, and white and black Adidas hoodies.

J. Crew Sweatshirts and Hoodies
J. Crew wear has a sleek and tailor-cut look that will give your casual wear a refreshed appearance. The brand makes sweatshirts and hoodies in different colors, while keeping the colors more adult and not childishly bright in hue. Find a navy blue and salmon-hued one to keep your spring look on fleek.

Tie-Dye Hoodie
Tie-dye prints in faded and subdued colors are popular for young men and women this season. Don’t go for 1960s bright-colored tie-dye though. Look for tie-dye prints in faded and dreamy hues for your springtime hoodies and sweats. Blue, light shades of purple, grey, and other such colors will be perfect options for those looking for tie-dye options.

1990s Inspired Hoodies
The 1990s fashion and pop culture is trendy right now, so any hoodie or sweatshirt with anything to do with pop culture from thirty years ago will make a killer look. The names of the TV shows Friends, The Simpsons, Seinfeld, the X Files, and The Fresh Prince are really popular for hoodies and sweatshirts. Some 90s bands like Nirvana or 90s movies like Jurassic Park are also really popular for men’s fashion wear right now. Just don’t be that guy that wears a music hoodie that isn’t even music you listen to. No one wants to be that guy that gets called out by real fans of a certain band or artist when you have no idea about any of their music.

Everlane Heavyweight Cashmere Sweatshirt
The Everlane heavyweight cashmere sweatshirt is a soft and fashionable option. The cashmere blend is softer compared to most sweatshirts. Choosing a few different sweatshirts in oatmeal, forest green, and grey will give you an easy-going look.

Mack Weldon Ace Crew Neck Sweatshirt
The best of the best out of all the sweatshirts you could possibly get this spring I’ve saved for the last. The Mack Weldon Ace crew neck sweatshirt is a comfortable and easy-going style staple for your spring. It has a gentle stretch, soft terry cloth fabric, and a tailored clean-cut look. The Ace crew neck sweatshirt also comes in many colors, so you could buy it in different colors for your wardrobe. It’s available in blue, grey, rum, iron, asphalt, stone, and black.