Getting An Excellent Price On Silver Jewellery When Shopping In Bangkok

When you visit Bangkok, whether for business or on holiday, it is an excellent destination to go shopping. You can get many items significantly cheaper than in your home country, and jewellery is something you can consider buying when you visit. Bangkok is a global trading centre for finished jewellery, and many highly skilled artisans design and make beautiful jewellery by hand. You can get excellent bargains if you know what you are doing, and you can see some tips below to help you get a fantastic deal to help you buy a silver ring at wholesale prices.

Avoid The Larger Jewellery Stores

When you start shopping for jewellery in Bangkok, you will want to avoid shopping in the larger chain jewellery stores, where there is often less chance of getting a bargain. Instead, you will want to shop around smaller, independent jewellery stores, where getting a decent deal or two is often much easier. There are many stores you can visit, with China Town in Bangkok having many from which you can choose, and you also get lots of jewellery stalls in the various markets around the city.

Consider Buying Multiple Items

Consider buying multiple items when shopping for jewellery in Bangkok, as when you purchase more, you can often get a better deal. You can get some exquisite silver jewellery, handmade and beautiful, at an affordable price, making it an excellent present for someone back home. Making multiple purchases will mean the store owner will likely let you haggle over the price so you can try to get an excellent bargain.

Haggle On The Price

You can haggle on many items when shopping in Bangkok, and it is the same for jewellery when purchasing from an independent jewellery store. Ask the vendor for the best price on the items you wish to purchase, and then counter with your own offer, ensuring it is not too low, which can offend the vendor. You can go back and forth until you find a price that makes you both happy, and then purchase the jewellery you wish to buy at a discounted price.

Claim Back The VAT

You can also claim back the 7% VAT you pay on the price of your jewellery through the VAT Refund for Tourists Scheme set up in Thailand. You can take your receipt to the relevant counter at the airport before going home and claiming back the money, which usually takes around ten minutes or so. You can click here to find more information on how to do this and more details about the VAT refund scheme in Thailand.