On a daily basis, we consume so many things that are bad for our health. Aside from ruining our organs with processed foods and artificial sweeteners, we’re also ruining our teeth. They get caries and change their color from white to a darker shade of white.

It’s easy to say this is why teeth change color, but the process isn’t happening overnight. We consume these foods daily, and over time, we realize that they are no longer white. Luckily, modern technology invented several ways to get the original color back.

In this article, we’re sharing some information on how to make them whiter. Keep on reading if you want to know what the methods are, and what the best ways to do it are!

Whitening toothpaste

Toothpaste that says whitening all over their package is not just saying that as a part of their marketing campaign. They are actually really working. They use special chemical compounds that work their way through our teeth. The end result is getting whiter teeth.

These products are using several ways to do it. Most of the time, manufacturers use well-known solutions like baking soda. Yes, good old baking soda. They implement it inside the rest of the things used to protect your teeth.

As you wash them, assuming you do it regularly, the baking soda is doing its magic. It goes through and destroys the bacteria forming a bad color on your teeth.

Another way is hydrogen peroxide. This is a compound that is widely used. If it is inserted in small doses it’s completely safe and manages to do a similar action as the baking soda. It entirely destroys the bacteria that is built up in your oral cavity.

This is great because it is not just changing the color of your teeth, but it is also providing complete oral hygiene. It is destroying everything that isn’t safe inside your oral cavity, so it’s a great thing to have. Take a look at this link if you want to learn more about how hydrogen peroxide works.

Take-home whitening kits

One of the most popular ways for whitening your teeth is to get an over the counter kit that is giving you tooth bleaching. They are very easy to use. They use the same chemicals as the ones we described above but in greater doses.

Because of dosage, we can say that having home kits is the least safe way to do it. You’re not a professional, and if anything goes wrong, you’ll need to rush to the doctor’s office. However, they are very easy to use and require no special knowledge.

The only problem with them is that they are not as effective as an actual dentist treatment. They are going to work for a couple of months, but hardly more. You’ll need to do the procedure over and over again. The good thing is that the kits are fairly affordable, so you can do them as often as you like.

Just be aware that daily use will have side-effects that you wouldn’t like. It will be better if you go with the description and make sure it’s safe.

Going to the dentist

The best way to do something like this is to go to the dentist. Specialized practices with modern equipment have everything you might need for a great job done. With technology that is going forward every day, it’s easy to whiten your teeth and see them as it for months, even years.

It depends on how healthy life you’ve had and how old you are to make the durability of the procedure longer. People who are in their twenties and didn’t smoke or had too much coffee in their life might see the results of the procedure for as long as three years.

Of course, those who are in their older years, and had a type of life that made their teeth color very far from sparkling snow white, will have more trouble seeing it last for a long time.

In general, the time length of the procedure is from six to 12 months. However, in some situations, this isn’t going to be possible, and the effects will last shorter. The good thing is, you can do the procedure again and again.

The cost of it is not tremendously high, so everyone can afford it. Of course, it doesn’t come entirely free, but compared to other aesthetical procedures out there, whitening the teeth seems like one of the most affordable ones.

Make sure you choose a great dentist

Picking the best one out of the many is imperative. An experienced dentist will know what to do and provide the best possible results for you. Before you go anywhere, you must do at least a short inspection of what’s crucial to know about the choice of the dentist.

First, make sure you’re going to a dentist who’s into aesthetical procedures. Not all dentists are up for this job. You should know that not everyone will be doing this. Search on the internet who offers this kind of procedure.

Then, as we mentioned, make sure they are experienced. Those who have been whitening the teeth of their clients for years are the ones you’re looking for. To find out about this, it may be best to go online and search for reviews from people who will tell you who’s ranking the highest in your area. People’s opinions are highly valuable, so don’t miss checking this out, and getting information.


There are more options when it comes to whitening your teeth. You can either choose a toothpaste that you’ll brush your teeth regularly, buy an over-the-counter kit that you can use at home, or schedule an appointment at the dentist’s where professionals will take care of the problem.

Between the three options, choosing the last one is best. It’s always best to go to the dentist. They are going to do it safely, and the results will be visible for the longest.